To Make the Love Story Short.

"One year ago today, I met a stranger who changed my life. I thought talking to someone I don’t know wouldn’t be such a bad idea. We started to chat, and surprisingly, he was very nice, yet very upfront. I could tell that he was being real with himself, which I was very impressed with, since not a lot of people possess that kind of quality. As days went by, I felt more and more comfortable talking with him, and realized I was already falling for him. Luckily for me, he also felt the same way. Ever since then, we were inseparable. We were in love. All it took was a single click of the mouse to add up someone in Facebook. We were two ordinary human beings, who somehow got their way into each other’s lives and changed everything." 

While I was cleaning up files in my laptop and trying to get rid of documents that I won’t be using anymore, I found this composition that I made for HIM last year, and decided to post it here to remind me of that story that once made me sweep me off my feet. </3

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the worst ever :\
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no, it just doesn&#8217;t break even.
unbearably sad.
i swear.
don&#8217;t chase me anymore, unless you&#8217;re ready to catch me. &lt;/3
it&#8217;s a little too late now :(