Keeping promises.

My boyfriend made me another poem for our 7th month together! I am one lucky girl to have such an amazing and thoughtful man who loves me so much. :)

Here it is: 

A promise is an extraordinary thing,

not meant to be thrown about.

Many people can promise you this and that,

and I can assure you many will fail, 

a few will succeed. But at the end,

all promises that were told

are lost forever in the abyss.

Not so long ago, I took a risk,

a gamble and a chance of a lifetime.

I came with the thought of believing

that dreams do come true.

It wasn’t very long before, 

I fell in love with you.

You gave me a reason, you gave me hope,

my love for you is a never ending slope.

I promised you forever,

I promised you my heart,

I promised to love you till the end

right from the very start.

These words I humbly give to you

and to fulfill them is my goal.

I promise to be yours completely,

every bit of me and as a whole.

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L-ife is precious,
A-s you are to me.
U-ndeniably beautiful and as
R-adiance as it can be.
I-have sealed my visions for the things that i cannot see.
C-ertain that i am, you are
E-verything that i seek.

My boyfriend made this poem as mnemonics for my third name, Laurice. He gave me this wonderful piece early this year when we started dating. He’s the sweetest and the most thoughtful man ever.  :’)

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OMG too cute!! :) remember this babe? ;)
Got a love letter in the mail!! :D
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A day at the fair with my baybee! <3
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i’m missing the hell out of you. 
The day I said yes.

Here below is a poem I made for my boyfriend back when we were still dating. :) But the day I let him read this was the day I said “yes”. 

"Sometimes, destiny has its own clever means of working itself out,

In perfectly weird and incredibly bizarre ways that are impossible for me to doubt.

Fate made it certain that we’d find each other.

I’d ask why, but I won’t even bother.

Because I’m beyond grateful that our paths crossed once more,

A fellow who came along and accepted my being - something no one’s ever done before.


You became the reason why I want to stay.

Thinking of you keeps bad thoughts away.

Not another soul makes me so blissful inside - it’s undeniably clear,

I know I’d be doing myself a favor if I let you be near.

I wish you know that your efforts and patience are realized - not treasuring them would be unfit.

It’s just that the world seems twice beautiful with you in it.


I was so afraid to want you at first, but here I am wishing for you anyway.

Even as I’m writing these down, I feel my heart literally about to go crazy, by the way.

Without your amazing personality and dainty character, my skies would turn gray.

I’d never want to miss a chance being yours every day.

I’d be lying if I said I don’t feel the same way you do.

When I picture myself happy, I can see that it’s with you.

This poem doesn’t even begin to perfectly describe how I feel towards you.

I think possibly, maybe, I’m falling for you too.


When you said you wanted me to be your girl,

Your words made my heart melt and my stomach twirl.

Now, I won’t even have to second-guess,

Cause I’m absolutely sure that my answer is yes.”

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<3 can’t wait. :)
aaaaaw :))
me. right now. :(
sweetest thing